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The Dorchester Collection Student Challenge 2018

Position Overview

Company Overview


We work with some of the most talented and unique individuals in our business, who always ensure the extraordinary guest experience of Dorchester Collection and the hotels within it. It is, after all, our people that bring our vision to life. As a member of our Dorchester Collection Family, we will support your development by nurturing your personality, creating a transparent culture of trust collaboration and appreciation. Supported by our annual personal development planning, tailored learning opportunities and our Academy programs you will be a part of creating a bespoke experience.

Treasured by guests. Cherished by employees. Celebrated worldwide.

As an employee, you are expected to provide our guests with a bespoke and memorable experience measured to the highest standards of quality and service delivery. Additionally the execution of your position will be in accordance to our company policies, standards and procedures.

Our company values are the fundamental spirit on how we reach our goals. As an ambassador of Dorchester Collection you will be entrusted with our values and expected to further enrich our We Care culture: Passion - Personality - Respect - Working Together - Creativity

This job description is intended to illustrate the main duties and responsibilities of the role. It is not intended to be exhaustive and please be advised that the duties and responsibilities may be added on a temporary or permanent basis as appropriate.   

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Position Overview

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Corporate Office - People & Culture

Job Title

The Dorchester Collection Student Challenge 2018

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Position Overview

The Dorchester Collection Student Challenge 2018

Creativity in Ultra-Luxury Unleashed

Essential Functions & Physical Requirements

Over the past decade, the relationship between humans and technology has been growing at an exponential pace. While technology has arguably improved quality of life and eased relationships between individuals across the globe, it’s also made us largely dependent on the machines and software. Can you imagine running a hotel without OPERA? Or remembering all the birthdays without Facebook? In today’s age, it’s almost impossible to live without a mobile phone; in 2018 more than $110 billion will be spent on apps.

In an effort to improve efficiency, automated check-in and check-out have been implemented in many hotels, concierge are being replaced by Alexa, and an iPad can control everything in the room, from curtains to lights and even order your coffee in the morning. Fewer human interactions are needed. As a result of this technology, little by little, hotels are becoming self-sufficient machines where guests make their way through with minimal people contact.

People don’t need to talk, ask questions or build relationships, as everything is being automated. But have you ever heard anyone say “WOW that was a great stay! I didn’t have to speak to anyone!” Aren’t your best summer memories made thanks to the people you’ve met?

At Dorchester Collection, we believe that relationships are key, that travelling means immersing yourself in other cultures, learning from the people, the places, and that unique local shop. That experiences are shaped by the people you meet along the way and that memories are created thanks to the relationships you build. We believe that our guests are loyal to our people and the experiences they have. In order to have an exceptional stay, you need a human touch.

Nevertheless, the industry is changing, and urging us to put products and not people at the centre of what we do.

Therefore, in a world where technology is king, how can Dorchester Collection keep defining ultra-luxury hospitality, by putting the people at the heart of everything we do?

That’s your challenge! Now what’s in it for you?

Qualifications and Desirables

In a group of three students, register to take part in our Dorchester Collection Student Challenge and unleash your creativity by giving us your view on this important question.

Steps to follow:

1.    Create a group of three with your peers - select one team leader (these are the details you will include when creating your registration)

2.    Register to take part by clicking 'apply for vacancy' on our career website by November 15, 2018. Please include a short bio for your team, stating the name of each member and why we should consider your team for the challenge (500 words max.)

3.    As part of your registration, attach your 60-second video pitch:

Subject What is the future of five-star luxury in a world without technology?

Please note depending on the size/format of the video you may need to upload this to Youtube and share the link on your application.

Little hint: creativity is key!

4.    December 2019: You’ll be notified if successful and given further instructions for the challenge.

5.    February 2019: The final five groups will be invited to London to present their concepts to a panel of executives from the Dorchester Collection corporate office.

6.    If selected to attend, you’ll be invited to Coworth Park, Ascot, from April 15 – 17, 2019, where you’ll meet, learn and share your ideas with our executive teams, as well as four other teams from around the world.

Benefit Package

The most creative team will receive some incredible prizes:

·         A three-day trip to London, including a half day of leadership training and lunch with our executive team

·         Eurostar from London to Paris to stay in our beautiful hotels for a further three days to take part in a half day ‘luxury masterclass’

·         A mentor at Dorchester Collection who will coach you on the next steps of your career

·         £1,000 (per team member) for you to enjoy!


We’re excited to hear your thoughts and hope we’ll see you soon in London in 2019!


If you have any questions regarding the application process please email:



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Job location

Job Location

United Kingdom


Sixth Floor East, Lansdowne House  W1J 6ER London